For over 12 years Frank has been curator and host of The Newtown Road Backyard Film Festival.  Frank founded this festival on principles he holds true to regarding the way films should be experienced - "in a communal setting, in the proper aspect ratio, and without a pause button."  With a backyard that has direct access to the sidewalk, enough room to hold about 40 people comfortably, and 2nd floor porch perfect for hanging a 12 foot wide movie screen, the summer festival is open to all who wish to watch movies outdoors under the stars and amidst tiki torches.  The festival has garnered a faithful following with people traveling from as far as Connecticut and New Jersey and continues to get noticed by the press including an amazing article in the New York Times, and  a great write up in an issue of Boro Magazine.  The summer seasons are always featured on "Outdoor Summer Movies in NYC" each summer on various news sites like We Heart Astoria.  Joining the Facebook group will guarentee to you get the invitations to every summer screening.