Helping people inside and out

"There is nothing that gives me more joy than helping people.  And if I don't have the answer or the means to help,  I do what I can to find them someone or something that can.  Over the last few years I have partnered with two exceptional companies that are diamonds in their field.  In one fell swoop, I found a combination that helps me help people inside and out.  Literally.  One company helps people with their appearance.  One helps people with their health.  I encourage you to explore my pages on these site and reach out to me directly.  Let me help you look your best AND be your healthiest!" 


(Help on the inside)

Skin Care

(Help on the outside)

For the last five years, Frank has been in search of a company to complement his skincare consultantship.  He found it in VASAYO - the first and only wellness company to incorporate Liposomal Technology into their products thus increasing the body's ability to get these nutrients absorbed faster than just swallowing an ordinary capsule.


The products are natural, sourced in the USA, organic, non-GMO and most all are vegan.  Vasayo also has two CBD products - an oil and a cream.  Vasayo's CBD products are one of only TWO CBD productions in the USA that have patent. VASAYO was recently named into the “Top 50 Healthcare Companies in the World” by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare. 

Independent Consultant

Since 2012, Frank has been a consultant and team leader partnering with the doctors that created ProActiv to bring their legacy brand Rodan+Fields Dermatologist to the public.


The company has since become the #1 premium skin care company in its markets and had gross profits of over $1.5 billion in 2017 from $3 million in 2009.  Still a source of great opportunity for great skin and great income, click on the link for more information on how the products can change your skin and the business can change your life.

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